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No-fluff, marketing consultancy

Simple and smart marketing direction for a digital world.

Albion is a marketing strategy and digital advertising consultancy in Bristol. 

Adopting a fundamentals-first approach, we untangle the unnecessary complexities of modern marketing – providing straight forward guidance on the strategies and tactics that make the biggest difference to growth and your bottom line.

Marketing Strategy

A poor marketing strategy will have a debilitating effect on a business.

You’ll waste precious time and money going round in circles – dabbling in a bit of advertising here and there, ripsawing from tactic to tactic, chasing the latest shiny technique, all the while with no real sense of reason or direction.

If you don’t get out of this quagmire, you’ll steadily lose market share and start engaging in value-destructive activities like price-cutting (TERRIBLE IDEA!)

To break this endless cycle, Albion provides thoughtful, theory-led consultancy that helps establish order from of the chaos.

Our marketing strategy workshops help cut out a lot of the nonsense and fluff the surrounds modern marketing.

We’ll break your business offering down to its’ fundamentals and set a new direction for your company with actions you can implement immediately for long term beneft.

Freelance Marketing Manager Bristol
Freelance Marketing Manager Bristol

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Over 90% of all internet users can be reached with Google Ads.

Facebook now has over 2.5 billion active users.

And last year, LinkedIn profiles surpassed 690 million.

PPC advertising offers you the ability to put your brand, product or offer in front of millions, even billions, of potential customers across any of these platforms – almost overnight.

It’s a powerful weapon in any company’s marketing arsenal.

But as ever-more advertisers join the PPC party, costs are going up.

To survive long term your PPC accounts must work harder and smarter than your competitors.

When you can’t afford to do half a job, trust someone with experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can’t think of a digital marketing discipline more maligned than SEO.

Over the years its’ reputation has suffered from promises of ‘fast results’, moving goal posts and a belief that only expensive, technical geniuses can deliver the top rankings you crave.

Albion offers honest SEO consultancy that tells it to you straight.

Success in SEO is grounded in marketing fundamentals – with only small splashes of technical know-how.

Not the other way round.

Any business can learn to win with SEO, but they will need a plan…

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager Bristol

Email Marketing

Stop SPAMMING your prospect or customer list without purpose.

Start offering value again with email campaigns designed to generate more revenue and customer loyalty.

Albion email marketing services can help you mine your existing data set to drive value throughout your marketing mix.

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Harry Burton Marketing Consultant Bristol

About Us

I’m Harry Burton, Managing Director of Albion.

I’ve spent 13+ years working in marketing roles across a range of businesses and sectors. I have worked with FTSE-listed retail giants, to technology start-ups and family-run companies.

No matter the product or market my interest is always the same – what problem are you solving for the customer? With the question answered I craft the right message and apply the most appropriate strategy to reach and connect with your target audience.

I hold a first-class honours degree in marketing and various digital marketing qualifications that keep me at the frontier of what is happening in modern commerce.


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