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Hi, I’m Harry, a freelance PPC specialist based in the South West, UK.

If you’re a business owner, Marketing Director or Marketing Manager struggling with PPC internally, or dissatisfied with the results of your existing marketing agency, I’m not surprised.

These powerful advertising platforms have so many moving parts, intricacies and evolving features, it is almost impossible to stay on top of them all and compete effectively if it’s not your specialism.

To make sure you’re not missing the opportunities PPC presents, I provide a specialist ‘done for you’ PPC management service.

I have over 15+ years experience working with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Microsoft Ads, and am ideally positioned to help you allocate spend in the right places, grow your business effectively and stay ahead of the pack.

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15+ years in PPC management

I have been involved with Pay Per Click advertising since 2008 and have experienced the full evolution of these platforms (even back to when conversion-tracking didn’t exist!).

Not only that, I am a highly experienced marketer who has been writing and executing digital marketing plans for businesses of all sizes and sectors for over a decade.

My background in marketing fundamentals means I am well-placed to guide you through the battlefield of PPC – advising on the best techniques that deliver outstanding ROI and long term strategic advantage.

1-to-1 PPC management

I offer a 1-to-1 service, meaning I will be the only person working on your accounts. This way you can be sure only someone highly experienced is looking out for your business, not a newly-hired account executive.

Because of my chosen service model, it does mean I only work with a select number of clients at a time. This allows me to better focus on growing individual accounts and means we mutually benefit from your future success.

I value open and honest communication. I won’t bamboozle you with digital marketing waffle. If I don’t think we’re a good fit I’ll say so and I’ll always set realistic goals and expectations, so there are no surprises.

Freelance PPC Consultant
PPC Management Service

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft & LinkedIn PPC Management

I am experienced working with all major PPC channels and platforms including Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn.

Working with me in a 1-to-1 relationship can be a very effective way to manage your paid media marketing activity as you won’t suffer from the communication breakdown commonly experienced when working with multiple agencies. We will have a singularly clear understanding of your brand strategy, objectives and goals.

Why am I different to other PPC Freelancers?

I differ to most other PPC freelancers because I am a marketing strategist first.

I don’t start sending paid traffic to your website or landing pages without first understanding your industry, customer journey or your own unique position in the market.

I keep your differentiated brand identity and tone of voice close to heart when constructing campaigns to ensure consistency of message and experience for customers – from first click to last click.

In the hyper competitive battleground of PPC, brand differentiation, consistently and prospect nurturing is key to not only surviving, but thriving.

PPC Consultant

Client Testimonials

“I am thrilled to express my gratitude for the excellent guidance provided by Harry. His expertise and insights have been an invaluable to building and optimising the SEM strategies within the marketing team. Harry’s advice has contributed to a deeper understanding of SEM and a new laser focussed vision to improve performance.
What particularly impressed me about Harry’s approach was his commitment to ensuring that I not only received detailed recommendations, but also that I comprehended the underlying principles. He allowed time to implement changes directly into my Ads accounts, showcasing a hands-on dedication to our success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Harry to anyone seeking top-notch SEM expertise. Thank you for your exceptional support and skill!”

Gemma Roshier

Head of Marketing, Wireless Logic

“Harry is incredibly knowledgeable, very easy to work with and brings smart and effective strategic ideas to the table. He has worked incredibly hard to understand our industry and has continually strived to improve our online presence. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Clare Mortimer

Sales Director, Chart Stables Ltd, Chart Stables

“We’ve worked with Harry for many years. He is extremely versatile, with a vast knowledge of both marketing strategy and PPC. His expertise in digital marketing has been a great asset to our business.”

Alex Gorringe

Managing Director, Carr & Westley

About Me

I’ve spent 15+ years helping businesses with their PPC, managing accounts for companies in a diverse range of industries. I hold a first-class degree in marketing and am a qualified Google Partner.


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