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Google Ads Specialist

Hi, I’m Harry, a Google Ads specialist based in the South West, UK. 

I help businesses optimise and scale their Google Ads accounts – the most influential channel in digital marketing. 

I’ve been working with Google Ads a long time (over 14 years and counting) and differ to most agencies and freelancers with my signature, strategy-first approach. I implement my own proven process to profile target audiences, leverage your competitive position and blueprint prospect journeys before spending a penny of your advertising budget. 

In my experience, superior strategy is the only way to survive and thrive in the hyper competitive world of Google Ads.

14+ Years Experience In Google Ads

14+ years in Google Ads

I have been involved with Google Ads since 2008 and have experienced the full evolution of the platform (even back to when conversion-tracking didn’t exist!).

Not only that, I am a highly experienced marketer who has been writing and executing marketing plans for businesses of all sizes and sectors for over a decade.

My background in marketing fundamentals means I am well-placed to guide you through the battlefield of Google Ads – advising on the best techniques that deliver outstanding ROI and long term strategic advantage.

One-to-one service

I offer a one-to-one service, meaning I will be the only person working on your account. This way you can be sure only someone highly experienced is looking out for your business, not a newly-hired account executive.

Because of my chosen service model, it does mean I only work with a select number of clients at a time. This allows me to better focus on growing individual accounts and means we mutually benefit from your future success because my fee is determined as a percentage of your ad spend – guaranteeing I’ll work hard for you!

I value open and honest communication. I won’t bamboozle you with digital marketing waffle. If I don’t think we’re a good fit I’ll say so and I’ll always set realistic goals and expectations, so there are no surprises.

Google Ads Consultant

About Me

I’ve spent 14+ years helping businesses with their Google Ads, managing accounts for companies in a diverse range of industries. I hold a first-class degree in marketing and am a qualified Google Partner.


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