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Albion provides smart, simple and jargon-free SEO consultancy for small to medium sized businesses.

We offer a one day workshop that introduces you or your team to the core principles of SEO, how it actually works today and give you the data and recommended actions needed to achieve long term success.

SEO Consultancy Bristol

The Foundations of SEO

Our SEO training workshop covers three foundational principles of effective search engine optimisation – onsite relevance, technical visibility and website reputation.

Online relevance

The first principle of SEO concerns what we call ‘onsite relevance’.

This involves studying the types of phrases people put into Google when looking for the goods or services you provide and then modifying or creating your content accordingly.

With specialist SEO software we can identify the depth of your search market and see where opportunities exist to capture new audiences and traffic.

The output of this stage will be a list of recommended keywords to target which willย form the foundation of your ongoing online marketing and content strategy.

Technical visibility

This principle of SEO is about making your website readable to Google’s search crawlers.

Because Google doesn’t experience a website like a human (it reads code rather than words) we need to ensure your website’s technical markup is as accessible and understandable as possible. We need to help Google out!

Among other technical recommendations will we tell you how best to organise on-page content to provide meaning, how to write search engine friendly copy, why you need an effective internal linking structure and how to make your website run at lightening speed.

We’ll explain why these considerations matter and why implementing them will ensure Google learns to love your website more than your competitors.

Website reputation

The final piece of the puzzle is about reputation –ย the ongoing process of building references to your website across the internet.

These references come in the form of links and shares. Think of links as ‘votes of confidence’. Another website has seen your content or offering and deemed it great enough to tell others about it by providing link.

It’s the internet’s equivalent of word of mouth.

We’ll explain why links matter in Google’s eyes. We’ll also show you which websites you are currently receiving links from, where your competitor’s strongest links are, why all links aren’t created equal, how to build the right links in the right places and the role social media plays in building a traffic super highway to your website.

SEO workshop output

By the end of the workshop you and your team will have gained a fundamental understanding of how SEO works in 2021.

After completion we will send you an SEO checklist document to help you start working through the principles covered.

Carrying out the activities advised will put you firmly on the path to better rankings, more traffic and more sales.

Increase Sales

Do you provide SEO services?

We don’t provide ‘SEO services’ because we don’t really believe in them.

We think it is difficult to provide sufficient value to businesses in this way.

To do SEO well you have to be close to the source (i.e. your business) day to day and we believe this is difficult to provide sufficiently as a third party.

Instead we focus on what we are good at, providing the education, data and guidance to help you and your team achieve success on your own.

If you require content writing or social media assistance based on the output of our consultancy, we can put you in touch with professionals who can help but we believe SEO work is best delivered by those close to the ground. You!

Price & FAQs

The cost of our SEO workshop is ยฃ500.

The workshop is delivered in person or over video call over the course of one day – with a mixture of theory, contextual examples and group work activities.ย 

To make the most of the workshop it should be attended by the personnel responsible for marketing your website online.

To find out more of what to expect from our SEO workshop, contact us now for a free 30 minute telephone consultancy.

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