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Google Ads Freelancer – Harry Burton

Does your Google Ads activity feel a bit…scattergun?

Do you worry that you are aimlessly firing your advertising budget out into the internet with no strategic objective or insightful system to see what is and isn’t working?

Hi, I’m Harry.

I’m a freelance Google Ads consultant with 13+ years experience.

Since 2008 I have worked with businesses of all kinds – from FTSE-listed e-commerce giants to technology start ups and family-owned companies.

I deeply understand the Google Ads challenges organisations of all sizes face and know which levers to pull and dials to turn to deliver results.

While I am Google Ads Partner and have extensive experience in their pay per click platform – I am not just about modern techniques. 

I adopt a “fundamentals first” approach. I want to get to the bottom of who your target market is, how they think and feel and what your unique value proposition is before spending a penny on advertising – in my mind, an absolutely crucial process for delivering exceptional results.

How to work with me…

I know that every business is unique, with different resources and individual needs.

With that in mind, I can work with you in two ways.

Option 1 – PPC Consultancy

With a consultancy arrangement I will come in to work with you or your team on temporary basis. 

After an initial ‘on boarding’ workshop – where we analyse your target market, your unique message and your competitive environment – we will put a plan in place to optimize your customer journey and account structure.

I will carry out the most appropriate targeting research (whether keyword or audience based), craft compelling landing pages, implement effective conversion tracking and setup the best bid strategies for your products or service. 

I’ll work with you in an ‘in and out’ arrangement, only for the period of time you need me and leave you in a strong place to manage on your own into the future.


Option 2 – PPC Management

Under a PPC management arrangement, I will take full responsibility of your Google Ads marketing activity for a monthly fee – based on a percentage of your advertising spend.

After an initial on-boarding workshop and setup process, I will work to optimise your account performance over time, continually tuning the right levers and dials – based on the data I see – to deliver superior results.

This is a good option for businesses without the in-house resources to manage daily Google Ads tasks themselves or who would like to benefit from an experienced head who can make the most of your investment.

Why Work With Me?


Not only have I have been working with Google Ads for over 13 years, I am well experienced in all areas of the marketing mix.

Great PPC benefits from great value propositions, copywriting, website layouts and lead nurturing activity.

You need multiple marketing factors working in unison to ensure exceptional PPC results.

Tailored Approach

Every business is different, with different challenges, available resources and objectives.

The PPC consultancy I provide is tailored. I take time to learn about your strengths, your customers and the companies around you.

The benefit is a well-planned and effective Google Ads strategy that delivers long term success.

Relationship Focused

I value honesty and realism in business relationships.

I won’t recommend campaigns if I feel there is no need for them, but conversely, I will encourage investment where I believe value can be added.

A good relationship is forged on communication – so staying in touch regularly is important to me.

Google Ads Partner

My extensive experience and record of delivering results with Google Ads over 13+ years has helped me achieve Google Partner status.

This helps me, and client accounts, stay on top of all the latest Google feature releases – keeping you one step ahead of the competition.


Google Partner Badge

Free PDF Download - How I Build Winning PPC Campaigns

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For management fees and what to expect when working with me, download a PDF that explains how I systematically approach PPC account launches – a proven process for delivering outstanding results.

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