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My Google Ads Service

PPC account management from a specialist with 14+ years experience.

Have you found it hard to get a handle on Google Ads?

Perhaps you’ve struggled to manage it effectively in house, or haven’t been satisfied with the results of another consultant or PPC agency?

I can help.

I offer a professional Google Ads service that takes away the hassle and uncertainty of managing this powerful, but increasingly complex, tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

My Google Ads Service

I differ to most agencies and freelancers with my “strategy-first” approach. I go further than any partner you’ve worked with before to profile target customers, understand your competitive position and blueprint top to bottom of funnel prospect journeys before spending a penny of your budget.

Google Ads is getting more competitive by the day. To survive and thrive you need a superior, long-term strategy. Find out more about me and how I work below, or get in touch to talk about your Google Ads challenge now.

So what’s your process Harry?

1. Initial Discussion

The first step is to pick up the phone or drop me an email. We’ll step up a convenient time to discuss your business and Google Ads experience over a video call.

On that call we will review the market you operate in, what your target customers look like, your competitive position in the market and the types of products or services you are looking to actively promote through the platform.

2. Strategy Workshop

After our initial chat, if we both feel there is a good fit,  we’ll book in a strategy workshop together.

My workshop is in-depth exercise where we will get under the hood of your target market, establishing demographics, psychographics and buyer behaviour. We’ll create profiles of ideal customers and complete a competitor analysis to see who we’re up against.

It is here that we will also review the different types of Google Ads campaigns available and how we can use each to meet our objectives.

3. Proposal & Quote

After the strategy workshop, I will request access to your existing Google Ads account (if you already have one) and conduct further market and keyword research. From my audit, I will come back to you with a proposed strategy including target keywords, campaign types and example adverts.

I will also include details of my fees, timescales and terms and conditions where relevant.

After taking time to review my proposal, if you would like move forward, it is as simple as saying ‘YES!’ and we can get started.

What types of Google Ads campaigns do you run?

I create and manage all available types of Google Ads campaigns – including Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Google’s newest campaign type – Performance Max.

The campaign types I recommend depends on your own business goals and objectives, the nature of the products or services you are selling, your typical prospect journey and the existing creative assets you have available (e.g. product/service  photography and videos).

It is very common to run a combination of different campaigns types at the same time, each with a specific role in your overall PPC marketing mix.

Find out more about the different Google Ads campaign types I manage below.

Google Ads Campaigns
Google Search Ads Mobile

Google Search Campaigns

Google Search ads are text-based adverts that show on the Google search results page on desktop, mobile and tablet computers.

They are triggered to show when a user types a specific keyword phrase into Google. We decide which keywords we want to show our ads for depending on a number of factors like keyword search volume, relevance to what we offer, how many other businesses are bidding and user intent.

After comprehensive research, I select which keywords we should bid for in our Search campaigns. I will then craft compelling text ads to show users in the results page, supporting them with effective calls to action and ad extensions that boost search page exposure.

With a variety of different text ads set up to split test performance against, we’ll point user clicks to the most appropriate landing page on your website where they can best find the answer to their search query and we can start to build a relationship with them.

Among other factors, ongoing optimisation includes activities such as adding negative keywords (keyword variations around our theme that we don’t want to show ads against), experimenting with new ads and increasing bids on terms where we can see valuable conversions are being generated.

Google Display Campaigns

Google display ads are typically visually engaging images, or sometimes text-based ads, that are shown to users as they browse third-party websites, use mobile apps or engage with other content sources around the internet.

The websites or applications that show these display ads do so because they are opted into Google’s Display Network (GDN).

In this instance, they have decided to allocate space on their website to online advertising – and get paid a fee whenever a user clicks on an ad they have displayed.

Google Display Ads Example

The GDN can be very powerful because it allows you to reach millions of potential new customers on a large scale. We can target prospects on a range of criteria that we define, including top level demographics, their likely interests, shopping behaviour and affiliations to the types of products or services you sell.  What we choose to target on heavily depends on our objectives, budgets and long term strategy.

We can also use the GDN to re-market to existing customers after they have already visited our website – strengthening their relationship with our brand and increasing likelihood of re-orders and repeat purchase frequency.

Google Shopping Ads Example

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping ads appear at the top of or in a side column on the main search results page. They are also displayed inside the Google Shopping feature tab.

Google Shopping ads allow retailers to display images and top level detail for potentially any product in your e-commerce catalogue. You can use them to show product photography, product titles, manufacturer details and prices before they even visit your website.

Shopping ads are triggered to show based on user keyword searches matched against items listed in a product feed and audience signals we provide.

To show Google Shopping ads you must have a Google Merchant Center account setup and a product feed populated with items available for sale in your online store.

If you don’t already have a Google Merchant Center setup, I can do that for you as part of my onboarding service. Ongoing campaign optimisation then revolves around ensuring you have an accurate and comprehensively populated product feed, effective segmentation of product categories and target audiences.

Google Video Campaigns

Google Video Ad campaigns allow you to reach potential customers whilst they watch or search for videos on YouTube and other video partner websites. They appear as short videos before or during content viewed or as image or text based ads displayed alongside the content interface.

We choose who we want to see our video ads based on our audience segmentation parameters. This can be broken down by location, gender, age, interests, and what they might currently be ‘in the market’ for.

Video ads are charged in a number of different ways – cost per view (CPV), impressions and clicks  – depending on the ad format engaged with.

Google Video Ads

Google Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns are Google’s latest Ad campaign type. And they are big news.

Performance Max (or PMax for short) is a goal-based campaign type that allows us to reach prospective customers across a wide range of Google inventory from within a single campaign.

It has been designed to complement keyword-based Search campaigns and goes to find new customers using Google’s full suite of PPC channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps in one, big learning eco-system.

A PMax campaign is guided by the specified conversion goals we define – that could be onsite purchases, lead form submissions, phone calls, downloads, or anything of value we want to measure. It then optimises performance in real-time using Google’s Smart Bidding technology to adapt bids, budget, audience targeting, creative assets and channels based on learned audience buying signals.

Performance Max Campaigns

Bottom-line, it can be a really powerful weapon in your Google Ads arsenal for not only finding more customers you know about, but potentially finding new ones you didn’t even know existed.

Leveraging Automation

No matter the Google Ads campaign types we choose to deploy, each of them can benefit from Google’s powerful machine learning technology.

After getting our ducks in a row e.g. our budgets, ad creatives, goals, and the conversions we want to measure – and giving our campaigns time to build useful data – we can deploy automation settings inside the Google Ads engine to turbo charge performance.

You see, over time the Google Ads platform learns more and more about your business and customer base and begins building a detailed understanding of where increased conversions are likely to come from.

It then uses that understanding to match the right adverts, to the right people, at the right time, in the right places – way faster and better than a human can do manually – even me 😉

With Google working this fast for us in real time, it allows us to focus on more the more strategic aspects of Google Ads marketing like finding new customer segments, improving creatives and campaign combinations.

PPC Marketing Bristol

It is important to note, however, that automation should only be deployed when the time is right. A lot of advertisers make the mistake of turning on automated bidding strategies too soon before the platform has had an opportunity to learn. Another mistake they make is no giving their campaigns enough opportunity to breath after switching to automated bidding – often throwing in the towel if things don’t seem to be working, just before the turning point.

This is why it is absolutely critical to entrust your Google Ads strategy to someone with experience of automation strategy – otherwise expensive mistakes can happen.

Why Work With Me?


Not only have I have been working with Google Ads for over 14 years, I am well experienced in all areas of the marketing mix.

Great PPC benefits from great value propositions, copywriting, website layouts and lead nurturing activity – and I will suggest improvements wherever I see opportunity.

You need multiple marketing factors working in unison to ensure exceptional PPC results.

Tailored Approach

Every business is different, with different challenges, available resources and objectives.

The Google Ads service I provide is tailored to your business and it’s strategic objectives. I take time to learn about your strengths, your customers and the companies around you.

The benefit is a well-planned and effective Google Ads strategy that delivers long term success.

Relationship Focused

I value honesty and realism in business relationships.

I won’t recommend campaigns if I feel there is no need for them, but conversely, I will encourage investment where I believe value can be added.

A good relationship is forged on communication – so staying in touch regularly is important to me.

Google Ads Partner

My extensive experience and record of delivering results with Google Ads over 14+ years has helped me achieve Google Partner status.

This helps me, and client accounts, stay on top of all the latest Google feature releases – keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Google Partner Badge

Free PDF Download - How I Build Winning Google Ads Campaigns

Download Free PDF

For management fees and what to expect when working with me, download a PDF that explains how I systematically approach Google Ad account launches – a proven process for delivering outstanding results.

PPC Process Document

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