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Marketing Consultancy

Let’s put a plan together…

Does your business feel a bit lost?

Maybe you’re starting out and aren’t sure which direction to head in?

Perhaps you’re an established company that has hit a plateau?

Or you’re already doing well but want to do even better!

Whatever your situation, you think you would benefit from a more defined marketing strategy – a framework to follow that will help you implement marketing tasks more efficiently, stop you wasting time and money and put you on the path to more sales.

Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Marketing strategy workshops

I offer strategy workshops that help solve marketing problems.

We will go on a marketing journey together, analysing your business from the ground up – starting with who your target customers are and how they think, through to implementing the most appropriate marketing tactics to reach them.

We’ll dig out answers to the big questions that have been blocking your progress and uncover actionable changes you or your team can introduce immediately.

The workshop is delivered in person, or over video-call, and covers the following four stages…

Step 1 – Identifying Your Target Market

The natural and most important place to start.

To have any purposeful direction in your marketing activity, we first need to establish who you target market is.

We’ll discuss why targeting anyone and everyone is a really bad idea and why we need to niche – or segment – to grab a strong foothold in your market.

We’ll look at the different segments of customer that you can potentially serve and which ones could be most profitable to your business.

Lastly, we’ll create a target profile persona of your ideal customer. This will help us better understand what they look like, how they think and the things they truly care about.

Step 2 – Crafting Your Message

This is the really fun part.

With an understanding of the type of customer you need to target, we have to craft a message that talks to them on an emotional level.

We need to uncover what these customers value, entering the conversation already going on in their head to position your business offer in the right way.

The answers to these questions have implications for how you determine a unique selling point (USP) and the messaging to use when reaching out to your market.

Step 3 – Applying the 8P’s of Marketing

When we know who your target market is, and have established a clear, meaningful message as to why they should choose you over the competition, we can start to align your business offer to the 8Ps of marketing – often referred to as the ‘marketing mix’.

The 8 Ps are product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, processes and performance.

We will explain what each of these elements means in context to your business and target customers – discussing modifications, improvements and even exclusions to your existing offer that will allow you to better serve them.

Step 4 – The Customer Journey

The last stage discusses your customer journey and specifically where each of the 8Ps has a role to play taking a prospect from having never heard of you, to becoming a raving fan.

We will discuss the three evolutionary stages a customer goes through, where the key leverage points are in your marketing activity and discuss the role technology and systems play in enabling you to add value more efficiently.

A Clear and Actionable Marketing Plan

By the end of the workshop you will have a clear picture in your head, and on paper, of the changes you need to make to start winning more of the customers you crave.

You will be well placed to go forth and start attacking your market with more clarity and purpose. However, if you need additional support, you can always get help in the form of my pay per click (PPC) management.


The workshop is delivered in person or over video call over two separate sessions (roughly 3 to 4 hours each) and includes a mixture of marketing theory, real world examples and group work activities.

To make the most of the workshop it should be attended by the key decision makers in your company.

To find out more of what to expect from my marketing strategy workshop, get in touch now for a free 30 minute telephone consultancy.

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