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Online Marketing Consultancy

Does your online marketing activity lack direction?

It’s time you put a proper strategy in place – a plan to help focus your efforts and stop you wasting time and money.

Hi, I’m Harry.

I’m a freelance online marketing consultant with 13+ years experience in marketing strategy and internet marketing tactics.

Since 2008 I have worked with businesses of all kinds – from FTSE-listed e-commerce giants to technology start ups and family-owned companies.

I deeply understand the digital marketing challenges organisations of all sizes face and know which levers to pull and dials to turn to deliver results.

While I have extensive experience in all major digital tactics – search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising and email marketing – I am not just about modern techniques. 

I adopt a “fundamentals first” approach to all marketing challenges. I want to get to the bottom of who your target market is, how they think and feel and what your unique value proposition is before spending a penny on advertising – an absolutely crucial process for delivering exceptional results.

Harry Burton

How to work with me…

I know that every business is unique, with different resources and individual needs.

With that in mind, I can work with you in a number of ways.

Strategy Workshops

My strategy workshops take place over two, four hour sessions – run in person or via video call.

They are designed to reveal the answers to the difficult questions that have been holding your business back. Who exactly is your target market? What do they actually care about? How can you effectively reach them?

I blend marketing theory, case study examples and group discussion to deliver an engaging and illuminating experience for the key decision makers in your company.

By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a clear idea of what to do to win more customers and I will write up a plan for you to start implementing immediately.


Under a management arrangement, I can take responsibility of your entire or selected online marketing responsibilities on a part-time basis.

Depending on your budget and needs, I can commit a number of days a month to manage the range of activities you need expert help with – including pay per click (PPC) management, content development or SEO and email marketing.

This is a good option for businesses without the in-house resources to manage tasks themselves or who would like to benefit from an experienced hand on the tiller.

Why Work With Me?


Not only have I got over 10 years experience working with digital techniques like PPC, SEO and email marketing, I am well experienced in all areas of the marketing mix.

Great digital marketing is about great value propositions, copywriting, landing pages and lead nurturing.

You need multiple marketing factors working in unison to deliver outstanding results.

Tailored Approach

Every business is different, with different challenges, available resources and objectives.

I tailor my involvement to what you need most, to deliver results quickly. Before starting any activity I take time to learn about your strengths, your customers and the companies around you.

The benefit is a well-planned and effective digital marketing activity that delivers long term success.

Relationship Focused

I value honesty and realism in business relationships.

I won’t recommend services or marketing spend if I feel there is no need for it, but conversely, I will encourage investment where I believe it is needed.

A good relationship and first-class results are forged on communication – so staying in touch regularly is important to me – with monthly and quarterly catch up reviews.

“The session with Harry really helped me to take a step back and work on the business not in it. Harry’s wealth of marketing knowledge was shared through a structured process, to look at getting the foundations right and building from there. It was helpful to spend dedicated time focusing on marketing, guided by an expert who can share a different perspective, challenge your thinking and share practical strategies.”

Amy Reynolds

Lead Coach & Facilitator, Team Flair

“We conducted a marketing workshop with Harry and it has been a huge help to our startup business. What really helped was getting clarity in our proposition and who are target market actually was – rather than thinking it was everyone. As a small team that has to do lots of things ourselves, it was nice to end up with an actual plan to follow – we look at this every day, it’s pinned on the wall in our office.”

Charles Cavill

Founder, Cavill & Wicks

“We’ve worked with Harry for many years where he has helped us in all manner of roles – from strategy, to e-commerce management and online advertising. He is extremely versatile, with a vast knowledge of marketing
practice and methodology. His expertise has been a great asset to our business. To top it off, he’s great fun to work

Alexander Gorringe

Managing Director, Carr & Westley Ltd

“Harry is incredibly knowledgeable, very easy to work with and brings smart and effective strategic ideas to the table. He has worked incredibly hard to understand our industry and has continually strived to improve our online presence. A key cog in our marketing, I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Clare Mortimer

Sales & Marketing Direct, Chart Stables Ltd

Google Ads Partner

My extensive experience and record of delivering results with Google Ads over 13+ years has helped me achieve Google Partner status.

This helps me, and client accounts, stay on top of all the latest Google feature releases – keeping you one step ahead of the competition.


Google Partner Badge

Free PDF Download - How I Build Winning PPC Campaigns

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For management fees and what to expect when working with me, download a PDF that explains how I systematically approach PPC account launches – a proven process for delivering outstanding results.

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