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Adopting An ‘Infinite’ Marketing Mindset

Browsing YouTube the other day (as I often do), I came across a TED talk discussing the concept of the 'Infinite Game’. It is an idea I have been familiar with for a while and relates to how I think about marketing’s role in not just business, but society as a whole....

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Big Thanks To Paul Davies

I would like to write a quick post to thank Paul Davies. Paul is an excellent UK fine artist who has helped inject Albion's personality across our website via his funny illustrations. I love using humour. Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns of all time...

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PPC & The Life Force 8

We all have ‘go-to’ books for inspiration. When I’m writing PPC ads, mine is ‘Cashvertising’ by Drew Whitman. It’s a very accessible, yet comprehensive, book about consumer psychology. And its’ message is simple. To develop effective adverts, you need to understand why people buy.

To understand why people buy, you need to have a keen sense of human nature.

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The Philosophy Of PPC

Philosophy is a subject I’ve always had an interest in – my mother taught it.

At family dinner time as a child, my brother, sister and I would often be posed hypothetical questions on morality, utilitarianism and existentialism – though I’m sure we all would have rather just eaten our tea in front of Byker Grove.

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