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Hi, I’m Harry, a Google Ads specialist based in the South West, UK.

I take away the stress, hassle and complexity of managing Google Ads accounts for small to medium sized business.

With over a decade of experience, I’ll use every trick, insight and optimisation I know works to ensure your company thrives in the competitive world of digital advertising.

A Fully Managed, Done-For-You Service

Ambitious business owners or marketing department leads can trust my expertise to optimise your Google Ads campaigns and take ROI to the next level.

I’ll use my 14+ years of experience to generate as many sales or leads as possible from the budget you give me – with the potential to scale exponentially within a cost per acquisition (CPA) or customer acquisition cost (CAC) target you define.

Most of the clients I work with have already tried running Google Ads campaigns themselves internally or worked with another agency that didn’t deliver the results they were looking for.

As a specialist Google Ads freelancer who has run thousands of campaigns over many years within dozens of industries, I am fully aware that my service is ultimately accountable to the ROAS (return on ad spend) it generates.

This is why I leave nothing to chance, delivering a tailored approach to each individual client need. I spend more time than most, and ask lots of questions, to uncover the essence of your business and it’s strengths within the marketplace.

Only then will I set about planning the right structures, campaign combinations and granular-level optimisations that will cause your account, and return on investment, to take flight.


360° Google Ads Management

My Google Ads management service includes:

Strategy & Sales Funnels

Having created hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Google Ads campaigns for my clients over the years, I’ve developed a number of proven strategies and processes for delivering excellent results. I’ll assess the products and services you offer and recommend a Google Ads campaign funnel that I believe will generate a level of brand awareness and sales that you desire.

Account Audit & Research

Where possible, I start with an extensive ad account audit which helps me identify areas for improvement and speed up the process to optimisation. I combine this with my keyword research and audience profiling process where I create pen portraits of target customers, helping to develop influential messaging for landing pages and ad copy where relevant.

Campaign Structure

After reviewing your objectives and your products or services, I will recommend the optimum combination of Google Ads campaign types available. This involves determining how best to allocate your budget across Google Search, Display, Shopping, Video, App or Performance Max campaigns for maximum ROI.

Ad Copy & Creative

I use my experience in copywriting and graphic design to create compelling text and display ads that target the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time. And should you need help with video production for YouTube campaigns, I have a network of talented content creators I can call on to help tell your brand story in a visually impressive way.

Building Brand Awareness

I want your Google Ads campaigns to help elevate your brand and business above your competition and become a key component of your marketing success. Instead of solely generating customers in the short term, I am committed to helping make your brand famous, increasing awareness in your niche wherever possible and building a loyal customer base that comes back again and again.

Testing & Optimization

I closely monitor Google Ad campaign performance and adjust accordingly over time for optimum performance. I’ve demonstrated time and again how continually testing ad creative, trialling different bidding strategies and leveraging machine learning can lead to incredible improvements in return on ad spend and leave your competition wondering how to keep up.

Who Is My Service For?

My fully managed, done-for-you, service is suitable for companies that are spending at least £5000 a month on Google Ads.

There is no upper budget limit, and I have clients operating with budgets many times that.

I have a strong track record of delivering impressive results and am happy to provide some reference companies for you speak to should you require it.

I’d love to be a part of your journey and help you take your business to the next level. To find out more, you can click the button to schedule a free 30-minute call with me.

Google Ads Partner

My extensive experience and record of delivering results with Google Ads over 14+ years has helped me achieve Google Partner status.

This helps me, and client accounts, stay on top of all the latest Google feature releases – keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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About Me

I’ve spent 14+ years helping businesses with their Google Ads, managing accounts for companies in a diverse range of industries. I hold a first-class degree in marketing and am a qualified Google Partner.

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